As a national and international sales and business expert with many years of management experience in sales and account management with international companies, Jens Koster and his team are the specialists for the development of sales strategies and channel-specific initiatives for startups.

As a sales expert, author of several books and publications, key note speaker and startup sales coach, Jens Koster works with startups and medium-sized companies both nationally and internationally.

Jens Koster has an international network of companies, retailers and associations. Jens Koster supports innovative startups in the development of new products.

Together with his clients, Jens Kosters develops innovative sales strategies in long-term projects and especially which are embedded in a network of international business angels and venture capital organizations for sustainable growth.

In his independent bookstore Jens Koster sells exceptional novels of outstanding authors. Through cooperation in the fields of art, culture and media, an international network has been created with Jens Köster's support for young artists and media creators.

Jens Koster is founder and CEO of Food Innovation The Food Think Tank, which highlights current developments and changes in the food sector through current reports and presentations, workshops, lectures and consultations.