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Your Startup Sales Workshop

Send me your request that you would like to do your startup sales workshop. After I received your message I will contact you and we will discuss the exact date for the sales workshop and the specific content for your sales strategy that we will work on in the workshop. You will receive a fair quote from me with all payment conditions before the workshop.

A Results-Driven Training Method

In the startup sales workshop, we develop the b+b or b+c sales strategy for your startup with the most current methods, which are tailored exactly to your needs. After the workshop you will be able to successfully sell your product and service with your sales strategy.


The right structure for your sales strategy

You will receive a concrete plan for the implementation of your startup sales strategy. All necessary steps will be documented for you and provided as a checklist, so that you can work concretely with your sales goals every day.


Free review

3 months after your startup sales workshop you will receive a free review from me to analyze the first results of your sales strategy and celebrate your first successes!


Let's Get Started

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