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The Good Morning Routine

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Through trial and error, each person finds their own individual morning routine that creates calm and serenity

A friend once said to me that in the morning, to wake up, he only needed the three Cs. Coffee, cigarette and croissant. It's also funny that there are so many videos and posts on YouTube and LinkedIn about the morning routine from the heads of the big digital corporations, such as the CEOs of Amazon or Microsoft. Is it really interesting how a certain person in the US or somewhere in the world spends his morning and should we then take that as an example?

Unfortunately, there are also a bunch of books about this that only deal with the "perfect start to the day". The Super Coach then gives hints in these books "for the dynamic development of your Super Morning". Only, when there are two children, a dog and a cat to take care of in the morning, the space for the yoga mat is very tight, which is still to be inserted there, between 5:30 am and 7:00 am, for the perfect balance, with the latest yoga exercises. So is there such a thing as the perfect morning routine?

I don't think so.

What is helpful in the morning is a time of silence and then just sitting outside, with a cup of tea or coffee. Or going for a walk by yourself to enjoy the stillness of the morning. For a good morning routine, it also helps to develop a very good evening routine where I consciously reflect back on the day and become aware of what I actually did and with whom I discussed what. Through trial and error, a person finds his or her own individual morning routine that creates calm and serenity. Each person can make himself aware of what helps best to face the daily chaos, with a gentle start. Without false role models, from any, seemingly success making books, rather individual and unusual living, self-determined, exactly in this moment.


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