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With my presentations as a keynote-speaker on the topic sales management I get to the crux of the change that has to happen in the sales area. How can a sales optimization be successful? How do you implement a new sales strategy? How are SMEs able to learn from start-ups? These and a lot of other very interesting sales subjects you will hear about in my sales keynote speeches.

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As a popular speaker for the topics start-ups and sales I highlight the opportunities that are opened up by my new and unique approach to sales management. As a keynote speaker for sales strategies you will find out in my speeches how innovative solutions in the FMCG area from my projects with start-ups, SMEs and trade partners are possible. This makes my sales presentations a unique experience.

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„I always enjoy listening to Jens Köster. I can take away a great deal from what he says and apply it to my own work in our sales department. His practical examples are explained so clearly and the way he speaks manages to inspire the whole room.“

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