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Jens Köster - Consultant

I am your ideal sales consultant.

Start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses

As a sales consultant with an holistic and sustainable approach, I advise start-ups and small to medium-sized companies. Thanks to my goal-oriented analysis of the initial situation, a customised solution is possible on any consulting project. The direct involvement of the trade partners in the FMCG area is taken into account. We optimize together your sales process. We develop a detailed sales strategy. We plan your sales activities and will launch this activities successfully. 

Trend scout in the food industry

As an observer of trends and sales advisor for food start-ups in the area of FMCG consulting, I develop new products and services. Thanks to my structured and process-oriented approach in sales management, the companies I take care of are able to achieve a sustainable increase in their key sales and turnover figures.

About Jens Köster

„With his broad expertise in the sales area, we learned a lot from the sales consultant Jens Köster. He also helped give us the motivation we needed to launch our new product on the market.“

Managing Director/
Start-up Founder
Food Sector

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Stop simply selling! The path towards a new sales management approach. 

Be brave and leave behind the old way of doing things as nothing more than a "salesperson". I will show you how you can advise your customers with much more success than by simply selling.


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